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Switch is an intelligent digital broker that recommends and creates a personalized liability insurance policy based on your gig profile

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  • Download and install our app and follow our simple onboarding.
  • Link all the freelance marketplaces where you render your services.
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Marketplace data allows us to

  • Offer a 100% tailored policy.
  • On-demand coverage and pricing.
  • Extremely fast sign up. No need to fill out long forms. 

On-demand insurance tailored to your needs

Now you can spend less time covering losses and just focus on what you do!

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Our Vision

You deserve it

At Switch, we work to bring freelancers the same benefits of full-time employees.

Freelancers are growing to become the most important part of the US economy. However, 9 out of 10 freelancers cite a lack of insurance and income volatility as the 2 of the biggest pain points.

Through freelance marketplace partnerships and integrations, Switch aims to be the number 1 platform for freelancer benefits. 

Our on-demand insurance
is custom built for freelancers

Using switch, you always win

Stop overpaying

In an uncertain situation, being insured is even more essential. We eliminate fees, unnecessary steps, and time-wasting appointments.


We have the insurance policy you need

Home Sharing

We partner with Lloyd’s of London to tailor a specialty policy that covers every aspect of your home-sharing business.


Driving Liability insurance can be expensive, we partner with Hiscox® to create a policy just for you.


You focus on being the best version of your self taking care of others, and we take care of you if anything happens. Offered through CM&F Group, Inc.®


Developing software is great, but not so great is to be responsible for a data breach. If this happens we have your back.


The artist insurance that will cover you just while you work, stop paying for a full month if you just perform twice a month!


We offer an On-Demand Housekeeper Insurance that covers you exactly when you are working.

Our Expert

Meet our expert team member.

We are a growing team of passionate engineers, insurance experts, and ex-freelancers working towards the common goal of making freelancer’s lives better!

Our founding team is composed of 2 Cornell University alumni, Mario Rial Amado and Aamer Hassanally.

Mario has more than 10 years of experience in the tech industry, he has also successfully led companies to tremendous growth due to his proven way of removing inefficiencies through the use of technology.

Aamer has a proven track record of success in the startup industry, before Switch, he spent the last years of his career leading a startup in India whose goal is to bring clean water to the most underserved communities.

Mario Rial

Co-Founder & Chief Engineer

Aamer Hassanally



User's Feedback

Switch extensive research into finding me the perfect policie saved me tons of time and worry. I now know that all of my assets are covered and that if I should ever have any questions, Switch will always be there. Thank you, for making my insurance buying experience a stress-free one!

Megan Lin

Airbnb host

Finally! I found an insurance broker who is prompt, knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly, always finding us the best deal. 

Ronnie Hampton

Uber driver

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